Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Information

As a form of conveyance, a motorcycle is inherently dangerous and automatically adds risk to those who take to the open road on two wheels. This is why owners are wise to obtain motorcycle insurance in order to protect themselves and their beloved bikes. Before the fun begins, be sure you have proper coverage for you and the bike.

Motorcycle insurance covers many specifics, ensuring that riders and their loved ones will be safeguarded from financial adversity– no matter the fault. Insurance for motorcycles is basically similar to regular car insurance but with certain aspects tailor-made for motorcycles.

Standard policy coverages usually include bodily injury and property damage liability. These pay out money if the policy holder is at fault for an accident. There is also uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that compensates for any injuries, damages and medical payments when the at-fault party does not have proper insurance. The standard medical payment part of a policy compensates for any necessary medical care needed as a result of a motorcycle accident. This is regardless of who is at fault. Note that in certain states this may only apply after other insurance runs out.

Depending on the insurance provider, policyholders can add on elements (or riders) to their policy as they see fit. Among these special add-ons are, for example, coverage for custom parts for your tricked-out bike, towing and labor expenses, trailer damage and roadside assistance to name quite a few. Most companies will allow you to choose your coverage limits and to tailor your coverage to suit your own desires and needs.

Another feature of motorcycle insurance is the finely tailored policies that reflect the specific type of bike that the rider owns. This encompasses normal motorcycles, ATVs, cruisers, limited production show bikes, sport bikes, high performance motorcycles, tour and sport touring models, mopeds, scooters and even trikes.