Flood Insurance

Your Home Protected from Floods

Flood insurance could very well be extraordinarily helpful in the most surprising of ways. This insurance may cover all of one’s physical buildings and the personal contents within in case of flooding. Depending on the level of coverage in the policy, it may even provide compensation for items like electronics, furniture, art and more.

Anyone can benefit from this coverage, whether they live in a low-lying region or a flood plain, but even in non-typical flood zones. Often when the building is in a particularly flood prone area, owners may be mandated to obtain a policy if they have a mortgage loan that has the backing of a federal agency such as FHA.

Other than the federal program that provides coverage, there are a few private insurers that offer policies. Note that in order to obtain a policy through the federal program, an individual must go through a private insurance agency. Once obtained, the policy is active after 30 days.

Flood insurance policies are offered to homeowners or renters, condo owners and business owners. Policies range from a low level of coverage to a higher form of coverage, providing protection to both the exterior of your building and the personal belongings within.

Those who have not been through a flood in the past are not immune to one in the future. Just a few inches of sitting water can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage.

Floods wreak havoc and, as with other natural disasters, they do not pick and choose their victims. With proper coverage there will be no waiting to see if your area has been declared a state or federal disaster in order to get assistance as you are already covered for unforeseen contingencies. Contact one of our professional for more information.