Positively Impacting Our Local Children!

Most of us were fortunate enough to be able to grow up with a roof over our head however, there are those that have not been so lucky. The average age of an individual experiencing homelessness in the US is 9 years old. With these devastating statistics in mind, our entire Myles Harris Agency team vowed to raise awareness and contribute in any way we can to our community!

With that being said, our agency is proud to continue to support the efforts of the Children’s Home of Stockton. All donated food is sorted and distributed to more than 28 local pantries at no cost to them. Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank assists and advocates for people challenged by the effects of poverty or situational crisis.

CHS has recognized the need for a children’s shelter that provided services for dependent and neglected children and so they opened an orphanage. Today, CHS is one of the largest social services organizations in Stockton and the only licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program in San Joaquin County.

We believe we can have all of our campaigns SOLELY FUNDED BY OUR AGENCY… by simply REWARDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Of course, donations can be made directly to supported organizations, but we are happy to use our own agency’s money and do that on your behalf, instead!

We ask for referrals because for EACH quote, we offer to make a $10 donation to this organization!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE